Friday, April 16, 2010

Rain Barrel

Why install a rain barrel?
Rain barrels are great for homeowners who have external downspouts and want to save rainwater to water plants on a dry day or even to wash a car. For gardening, rain water is great since it doesn’t contain chlorine. An average rainstorm can fill a 50 gallon drum within an hour!

How much will it cost?
Rain barrels do not have to cost a lot of money and are actually great DIY projects. You can also buy models that vary in price from $50-$1600. Some cities even subsidize or provide rebates for residents.

Rain Barrel Tips
· Use a mesh screen to keep leaves and animals out of the rain barrel.

· Since airborne pollutants can be a problem in many areas, use your collected water for plants, cleaning your car, watering the lawn, but not to drink!

· Clean out the barrel frequently to avoid algae growth and remove sentiment.

· Put the barrel up off the ground to make it easier to drain the water out of the bottom.

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