Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Life Project: The Water Cycle

This is a fun family project to do to show how water recycles itself!

Things you will need:
- A clean glass jar and lid (mayonnaise jars work well)
- Gravel
- Clean sand (play sand or aquarium sand)
- Potting soil
- A small plant such as moss, or grass seed or small beans
- A bottle cap or small seashell.

1) Layer into the jar the gravel, sand, and then the soil on top. Use thinner layers of gravel and sand, and a thick layer of soil.
2) Add a small plant, or seeds.
3) Gently water.
4) Add shell or cap with water in it, and close lid.
5) Place in a sunny spot and watch the water cycle over the next hours and days!

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