Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Landscaping Can Increase Property Value

Everyone wants to increase the property value of their home, but some people ignore one of the best ways to do so, which is landscaping. It is important to invest in landscaping since it adds to the overall attractiveness while also giving your home something to set it apart from other houses. Landscaping can include trees, flowers and other plants as well as ponds, swimming pools, fountains and upkeep of patios, decks and porches. It is recommended that a homeowner put 10% of the home’s overall value into landscaping. Since appealing landscaping can increase a home’s value of up to 12%, this guarantees a nice return on your investment. This will also help your home sell more quickly when that time comes.

The first thing is to meet with a landscaper and discuss which plants are best for the region you live in as well as your lifestyle. Flowers look nice, but if you don’t have the time to personally care for them and are unwilling to hire a gardener, then they may not be the best choice, instead you may want to look at low maintenance plants, like ivy. You also must keep in mind your terrain and the placement of these plants. Trees in the backyard may be desired but you don’t want to block a nice view with a large maple tree. Also, look at what plants you already have. An arborist can help determine which trees are dying and which need a little bit of TLC. You also will want to pay attention to what is overgrown or anything obscuring windows or blocking entrance ways.

You will want to enhance the layout of your home. Lining a walkway with flowers is appealing. Growing ivy or roses against a large fence is eye popping and gives character. Use outdoor lighting to not only increase security, but to also give a nice ambiance of the outdoors at night. One of the most popular trends in landscaping today is allowing patios and decks to become extensions of the home. Bring the aesthetic of your interior decorations to the outside. If you have a nice color scheme, continue to use it on your outdoor patio, and also plants flowers which pick up the pops of color you have throughout your home. If you have decorated within a certain artistic era, bring in sculptures from that era to the outside to tie everything together. For example, interior designs which have been influenced by Asian cultures should have Asian inspired sculptures or fountains in the backyard. Remember to offer something different with your landscaping. Barbecue pits, gazebos, exotic trees and flowers give character to your home and yard, and give personality to your property.

Working with a landscaper will help eliminate landscaping pitfalls. A landscaper will not only work with you on what types of plants you should look into, they will also help design the outdoor area so it looks its best. It is important to avoid overcrowding. Many people who try to landscape on their own end up going a bit overboard, making the backyard look like a jungle, not a relaxing area. The front yard is the advertisement of your home to the world, but the backyard should remain a place of privacy and relaxation. Stay clear of planting too many flowers, and instead plant in clean lines around the outside of your yard to block any unwanted views. Also, remember to give yourself time. If you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, you can save money by buying small trees that will eventually grow in a few years. Give yourself about five years to achieve the outside of your dreams.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Landscaping: Green Grass - Selling your Charlotte Home

Over the past few years, Charlotte area real estate has taken a bit of a tumble. A lot of people have been faced with the horror of defaulting on their mortgage, or forced to sell their home at a terribly decreased price. In some areas, whole neighborhoods, were never built or have become ghost towns.

What does this have to do with landscaping? Good question. No matter what the condition of many of these properties, what state their owners or bank are in, and where they are – every real estate agent or seller is trying to make sure the landscaping is inviting. One landscaping company was even going as far to spray paint brown grass GREEN to make the yards look appealing. These motivated sellers knew what all of us in real estate know – that if the yard ain’t nice, nobody is buying at your price.

Keep your landscaping in tip top condition, and you won’t ever have to face the problems these folks have dealt with…You’ll have a home that steadily increases in value, is the apple of the neighborhood’s eye, and will net you a tidy profit when you sell it. People are drawn to living things – plants, trees, and all kinds of foliage. That’s why we love parks and wildlife reserves!
The Grass is always greener on the seller’s side!