Tuesday, September 1, 2009


From the first time Darin mowed my lawn I knew that this was a lawn-care service I could depend on. He was courteous, dependable, and true to his word. And since then, as the business has grown, I have seen how careful Darin has been to bring into his service people of the highest integrity so as not to compromise what he has promised to his customers.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to invest in some new landscaping. Heather worked diligently with me to find out what I wanted, and carefully mapped out and itemized each phase of the project. And when the team arrived to dig and plant, it was like watching a close-knit family at work. I was consulted each step of the way as I watched my landscaping dreams become reality.

I continue to receive excellent service. My phone calls are returned promptly and courteously. It is with absolute confidence that I can recommend Metro-GreenScape.

-Brenda Miles

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