Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charlotte Home Staging Expert: Marcyne Touchton

Times are tough, but despite that, homes are selling. It is a buyer's market and we have an overflow of inventory of homes for sale. Your home has to STAND OUT and be set apart from the competition.

TOP 5 things you can do


Driver-by's must be able to pass by your home with the thought, "that was a pretty home, I wonder what the inside looks like." Regularly cut the grass, trim the hedges, rake the leaves, sweep the sidewalks and power-wash the driveway if you need to. Have a few pretty potted plants for a pop of color. Make sure everything dead is pulled out or replaced. Don't forget to replace dead looking, brown pine needs - it's a cheap fix and gives you a lot of bang for the bucks.


According to Barb Schwarz, the pioneer and founder of says, "clutter eats equity." Go through each room, with 2 boxes per room. Don't forget the family room, kitchen, and office, they are all considered a room. Label each box, "keep" and "Donate." Take everything off the shelves, tables, and start tossing into the boxes. Go back to the keep box and grab only a few decorative pieces you think you will use to "stage" the house room by room. Everything else in the "keep" box you end up not needing, pack it up so you will be ready for move day. It makes the moving process easier as well - and keeps your moving bill lower!


You can have 3 items per hard area, but no more. If you have a lamp, plant, and book, on top of a table, that is well balanced. If you have 10 things, it would be overdone. The 3 things should be grouped together to make a triangle shape.


The first impression people make is from the moment a person walks in to the home. Go to the doorway, and open your door as if you are a prospective buyer. Soak it in, them eliminate all the clutter that is preventing you from seeing the nice moulding, the wide hallway, the hardwood floors, etc.


This is something all ASP Stagers are taught from day one. A properly staged home should be immaculate - "Q-Tip Clean, " as Schwarz puts it. "It means getting dead flies out of your windowsill and going around the bottom of your toilet on the floor," she says. The purpose of ensuring the house is spotless is more than simply making it presentable. If a home is unkempt, a buyer will wonder what other, less visible problems may come with the property," Schwarz says. "They'll say, 'Gosh, if they live like this, what don't they take care of that I can't see?"

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