Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ask Darin: Bermuda Sod

Dear Darin: I have just layed Bermuda sod, it is browning up a little bit, and I am afraid it is going to die before it gets rooted. Can I fertilize? What is the best way of handling this?

ANSWER: You don't want to fertilize Bermuda sod until it has rooted which would take three weeks this time of year, you may be watering it too little or too much the way you can tell is to walk on the yard an hour after one water cycle, and if it feels squishy then cut back the amount of time and do more frequent watering. Remember there are no grass roots and every yard is different but you are want the ground moist--not soaked!


  1. Is it OK to lay bermuda sod overseeded with rye in October, or does the Bermuda have to be rooted first?

  2. Bermuda sod can not be laid any time past the first of September and still root. Our company's policy is actually the middle of August. So if you get out there this weekend, lay the sod and then rye grass in October you will be just fine. Just make sure there is 5 weeks between the time of laying to the time of seeding. Now if you do not get the sod down prior to the end of this weekend, rye grass seed will find a way to root but not nearly as strong and as consistent. I hope this helps and always feel free to ask, that’s what we are here for!

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