Friday, July 17, 2009

Add a beautiful pergola to your outdoor living space


Pergolas are a great way to bring the inside out. With a beautiful pergola your garden and entertaining area will become more intimate and comfortable on those days when you need to get out of the house or are having a few friends around.

Benefits of pergolas:
-->Add interest to a garden path.
-->Add structure for climbing plants.
-->Provide weather protection.
-->Improve the look of your house.
-->Screen out unsightly views.

The design of your pergola will depend on its function. Narrow pergolas emphasize direction and are best suited to paths and walkways. Entertaining areas should be wide and long. This allows for traffic flow around furniture and ornamental features. You could incorporate fixed seating into the structure or screening panels to create interest.
We recommend when possible, you choose cedar instead of pressure-treated lumber. Cedar is often more costly, but will maintain its shape and integrity longer. Labor for both types of construction are the same and the cedar is a better investment in your outdoor living space.

An open Patio with a Pergola feels like room within a room. Adding any vertical will give a sense of closure, filter sun, and bring comfort to your outdoor living space. If you want additional fun-filtering, you can add lattice or opposite 1x6 slate of lumber. You can even attach a fan to create a nice breeze!

You have many style options, including decorative ends. However, you should be aware that these ends should not extend over 12 inches from the structure to avoid warping.

Pergolas can be installed year-round in the Carolinas, so anytime is a good time to add one of these beautiful pieces to your outdoor space.

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