Monday, August 16, 2010

It's time to Aerate!

Fall aeration is considered best for cool-season turf, because grass plants are developing more roots in preparation for winter. Opening up the root zone with aeration provides an enhanced growth zone for new roots.

Plus, you can combine aeration with an early fall application of slowrelease fertilizer to get grass in shape for winter and charged-up for beautiful, lush green new growth next spring.

Fall aeration occurs September 1 - October 15, 2010! Call now to schedule best or priority placement!


Aeration Plan One - $300
Aeration + Seeding + Fertilizing + Lime + Peat Moss Application. A typical 1/4-1/3-acre yard will cost $300 with our special Fall Aeration Plan.

Aeration Plan Two - $75
Professional Aeration only. A typical 1/4-1/3-acre yard will cost just $75 with Metro GreenScape's Plan Two Option. Available only to our current and past customers!

Call us today at 704.504.0980 to schedule the best times and top priority for your yard.

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