Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Landscaping: Green Grass - Selling your Charlotte Home

Over the past few years, Charlotte area real estate has taken a bit of a tumble. A lot of people have been faced with the horror of defaulting on their mortgage, or forced to sell their home at a terribly decreased price. In some areas, whole neighborhoods, were never built or have become ghost towns.

What does this have to do with landscaping? Good question. No matter what the condition of many of these properties, what state their owners or bank are in, and where they are – every real estate agent or seller is trying to make sure the landscaping is inviting. One landscaping company was even going as far to spray paint brown grass GREEN to make the yards look appealing. These motivated sellers knew what all of us in real estate know – that if the yard ain’t nice, nobody is buying at your price.

Keep your landscaping in tip top condition, and you won’t ever have to face the problems these folks have dealt with…You’ll have a home that steadily increases in value, is the apple of the neighborhood’s eye, and will net you a tidy profit when you sell it. People are drawn to living things – plants, trees, and all kinds of foliage. That’s why we love parks and wildlife reserves!
The Grass is always greener on the seller’s side!

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