Saturday, August 8, 2009

Metro GreenScape Landscape Design Plans

The Metro GreenScape custom and professional landscape design plans with the current and future of your yard in mind. From use of your outdoor space to where power lines run to how to avoid damage from tree branches and roots as they grow--all trees for shade, and shorter varieties for privacy. We also always encorage our clients to invest more on rock or concrete materials that will last than pay less for those that tend to break down quickly.

Designing outdoor living spaces is a relatively new art and one we take very seriously! This is where a great deal of investment can come as there are abundant products and materials that can be included in the design. When designing outdoor living spaces, our designers include aspects like:

-->How will you use the space?
-->How many people will use the space at one time?
-->Do you want to use the space through all 4 seasons?
-->How much time will you spend using the space?
-->Do you want the outdoor space to mimic existing interior design themes?
-->What kind of hobbies do you pursue around your desired outdoor living space?
-->How important is shading or overhead coverage?
-->What type of plant life do you want to have?
-->Have you considered incorporating a water element into the design?
-->Would you like to use natural or synthetic product materials?

Our designers look at the entire picture of how you want to eventually use your new outdoor living space and plan for the future. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, call 704-504-0980 to set up your Landscape Design meeting today!

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