Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April in Charlotte Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips:

Below are a few April Gardening tips to help you get ready for Spring in the Charlotte area:

1.) Prune and fertilize spring-flowering shrubs (azaleas, camellias, laurels, rhododendrons, wisteria) after they have finished blooming. Removal of dead flowers will enhance next year's bloom.

2.) Spring bulbs: When their bloom is over, cut off the flower stem and allow the foliage to mature and die gradually. This allows the bulb to rejuvenate for next year's bloom. Do not fertilize at this time; wait until fall, and again when the first spring growth appears. Summer flowering bulbs that over wintered in the garden should be fertilized when their shoots begin to break out of the soil.

3.) Tender bulbs such as cannas, caladiums, gladioli, and dahlias can be planted after the danger of cold weather has passed.

4.) Lawn care for fescue lawns, increase mower height to 3 ½". Mowing may be needed 2 times/week.

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